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Adrian Galan
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Perfection, everything Orochimaru ever wanted was perfection. He spent his entire life experimenting and learning about the ninja world to obtain youth and eternal life. What Orochimaru had craved for the most was an Uchiha. The eyes of an Uchiha in particular, the sharingan. The red eyes that could copy any jutsu was what he sought to have in his possession. After the conclusion of the fourth great ninja war, Orochimaru gave up on this obsession. He chose the decision to pass the torch, and make his experiments be that form of perfection he could never achieve. What he wanted was an Uchiha. One that possessed the sharingan like Sasuke, but who would take his orders. From this creation he made Shin Uchiha. But before Shin Uchiha, there was another experiment. What Orochimaru desired was an Uchiha, a real one, so he focused on creating a clone of Sasuke. With the dna he collected from Sasuke’s battle with Naruto, he was able to create a perfect copy. An artificial clone of Sasuke Uchiha came to life and Orochimaru couldn’t have been more prouder. What came out of the lab was a young boy, his eyes were yellow, like his fathers, but he looked identical to Sasuke. His skin was pale and he had dark hair. Orochimaru didn’t know what to name the boy. He put him against grown men to test his abilities. The boy walked out of the battlefield without a scratch, and his enemies, dead. Not one remained alive. Orochimaru named him Kira, a boy who would become a man and destroy anything in his path, all for the man who created him, or so he thought. There was one thing that the boy flawed in. He had all the elements pattened down but had yet to awaken the sharingan Orochimaru made him for. This caused Orochimaru to become desperate and rush his plans with Shin Uchiha’s creation. With creating Shin, Orochimaru no longer needed Kira, so he sent him and 2 of his older experiments to the leaf village to live as a family. Orochimaru may have sent Kira away but that didn’t mean he completely gave up on him. He watched over young Kira and watched him grow. His “parents” informed Orochimaru about his growth and Orochimaru believed he was ready to awaken his sharingan. In order for this to happen he needed to go thorugh something that would make him awaken those eyes. Orochimaru had originally wanted Kira to see what he believed were his parents murdered in front of him. Due to Orochimaru being a changed man he chose not to go through with that route and decided to wait it out, but Orochimaru’s new apprentice, Rentaro, was sneaky, and he believed that his masters true wish was to see this plan go through. He ordered for the assassination of Bo and Noriko Hamura. Kira witnessed it all. It was fuzzy, but he saw it. He saw his parents on the floor, lifeless, like how Sasuke once saw his. Ultimately, it led to the awakening of his sharingan. Already having caught the eye of the current Hokage at the time, Kakashi Hatake, Kira had a lot of trust in his master. He explained everything to Kakashi and he helped Kira learn the basics of the sharingan and what it meant. Kira was confused on his new power as he didn’t know what he was, but who was more confused was Kakashi himself. How could a non Uchiha awaken a sharingan. He investigated but found no clues that led back to Orochimaru as Kira himself didn’t know he was an artificial being, let alone a creation of Orochimaru. Having lost his parents, Kakashi took care of the boy. He raised him and showed him everything he knew. Graduating from the academy at a young age, Kakashi could relate to Kira, but his duties as the 6th Hokage came first. Throughout time, Kira learned more about the sharingan but at times, he couldn’t control its activation as it would suddenly activate at random. From this he decided to meet with Sasuke, but Sasuke was a hard person to reach. After a tip he overheard Kakashi receive on Sasuke’s location, Kira quickly made a break to the hidden rain where he would later meet his future sensei Akabayashi. After their first encounter, Sasuke refuses to take Kira as his student and it leads to Akabayashi to train him. Kira’s story continues as he fights to learn more about himself, and for Sasuke to accept him.


Zenko Uzumaki
Name: Zenko Uzumaki 

General Information
Ninja Registration Number:013504
Birth date: April 28
Gender: Male
Blood Type: AB
Kekkei Genkai: None
Nature Type: Fire, Wind, Yang
Height: 200 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Age: 19
Affiliation: Konohagakure, Kumogakure
Family: Naruto (Distant Cousin), Karin (Distant Cousin), 
Sensei: Killer B, Naruto 
Classification: Jonin

Background Info:
-Zenko is the new host of the two tails and was found by Killer B when he was under a genjutsu and destroying a nearby town. Killer B took him under his wing for many years and Zenko actually went against Kira in the chunnin exams but Kira wouldn't see him for another 7 years. Zenko is the last member to join the New 5 and didn't grow up in the village. Being an Uzumaki and a Jinchuriki, he seeks for Naruto's help in becoming stronger after learning everything he could from B. 
-Zenko is more of a up close and personal fighter, he is extremely powerful and has immense chakra. He can transform into the two tails chakra mode through his training with B and is said to be evenly matched with Kira. He uses the claws as a tribute to the original two tails Jinchuriki, Yugito.    
Tay Hyuga
Name: Tay Hyuga

General Information
Ninja Registration Number:013523
Birth date: July 15
Gender: Male
Blood Type: O
Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan
Nature Type: Earth, Fire, Water, Yang
Height: 175 cm
Wight: 55 kg
Age: 19
Affiliation: Konohagakure
Family: Hinata (Cousin), Hanabi (Cousin), 
Sensei: Hiashi, Hinata
Classification: Jonin

Background Info:
-Tay Hyuga is the Hyuga's new prodigy. He is always compared to Neji as the two are very similar. Tay is extremely good at taijutsu and has already mastered the byakugan. Tay came into the academy and was noticed by many. He was said to be the most talented but when Kira arrived, the two were at odds. Tay and Kira hit it off but many thought they were enemies as they competed with each other a lot. The two had to spar and it was a big match. It was the Sasuke vs. Neji battle us fans never got. Kira won and the two became good friends and Tay had officially joined the group. Tay and Jellal have a Neji and Lee relationship. Both are on the same team and have been rivals since day one. 
-Tay always fights up close and tends to use air palms if he's too far. Tay is fast and his use of the rotation is said to faster and more proficient than Neji's. He later learns how to use the gentle step twin lion fists through his training with Hinata and is by far, the strongest Hyuga, but that is debatable. 
Kidd Nara (Shadow Mode)
Shadow Mode is a form Shikakidd created to enhance his shadow techniques to have more duration and strength. This mode also enhances his speed and strength. 
Kidd Nara
Shikakidd Nara with a replica of Asuma's Chakra Blades. 


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